Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Scrappin Star Award & Amazing Artist Award

This awesome award has been given to me twice within the last few days :-) Two of my sweet friends thought of me when presenting this. Thank you very much Peta & Alexe!!

Srappin Star Award
Check out thier blogs for the latest...

Peta @ PSP Scrappers

Alexe @ Alexe Creationz

I also received this award from Alexe today too :-) Two awards in one day and from the same awesome Friend. Thanks again Alexe!!!

Amazing Artist Award

I have to give this award to five others so I will be updating this post with that list shortly...


Sorry it took so long to gather some new blogs to give awards to, but my son was sick with an ear infection and had a relapse after only a few days of recovery. I got sick from him and relapsed and now my husband is sick . HAPPY JOY!! We are all sick together, LOL...

So because of this I haven't been on my blog for a while and found I have lots more awards and some challenges too, so lets get these awards updated with new blogs to present them to then on to the other awards and challenges.

The five gorgeous blogs I would like to present these two awards to are...

Cathy AKA SillyCat @ Scrapping Sillycat's

Marianne @ Marriane's Creations

Margie @ Margie's Creative Layouts

Urban Mermaid @ Urban Mermaid Designs

Ivory @ Ivory's Designz

Enjoy your awards ladies, you deserve it! Your blogs and graphic designs are beautiful!!

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